Welcome to my weird website.

Hello! My name is Willow, and I like to make things that help make lives easier, more fun, or preferably both.

I made this website with my experimental webserver, wwebs. I’ve done my best to make it usable in all kinds of environments and for all kinds of people. If this website is difficult for you to use, or if it doesn’t work well in a (reasonably recent) web browser, please let me know by filing an issue.

To view the list of pages on this website in chronological order, see /pages-chrono. You can use a path stub under /pages-chrono to filter by path, like /pages-chrono/blog. You can do the same things on /pages-tree to view the pages alphabetically. To consume my posts in your news reader or podcast player, you can put a path stub after /feed.ts to receive an RSS feed.

You can use the links in the “Alternate Formats” section to download certain pages in alternate formats, like as a PDF, EPUB, or audio file. Audio files are generated on the server using the Mycroft Mimic 3 text-to-speech engine, with a randomly-selected voice. If you are the first person to request an audio file for a certain page since it was last updated, it may take a while to generate, or it may time out. If this happens, please try again in a few minutes.

You can configure the server’s output using the settings page.

Alternate Formats

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